Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers

A drunk driver who caused a car accident is, of course, liable for any injuries. But under Michigan law, victims may also have grounds to sue a business or party host that served the alcohol.

Dennis Hurst & Associates represents victims in "dram shop" actions against bars, nightclubs and restaurants in drunk driving accidents. Our Jackson law firm aggressively pursues compensation for injuries and losses caused by their patrons who drink and drive.

Dram Shop Liability And Social Host Liability

Drunk driving accidents commonly cause devastating injuries. A drunk driver's impaired judgment and slowed reaction times often result in crossing the center line, running a traffic light or smashing into another vehicle without braking. Those serious injuries may not be fully covered by the intoxicated person's insurance. Our experienced trial lawyers will pursue all sources of coverage to cover medical care, loss of income, permanent disability and personal pain and suffering.

  • Michigan's dram shop liability law holds alcohol servers responsible for harm caused by an intoxicated or underage patron. The law says that the bar or restaurant is liable for overserving someone who is visibly intoxicated or for serving any alcohol to a person under age 21. The proprietors have a duty to stop serving such a person and to call police or try to dissuade the person from getting behind the wheel.
  • Michigan also has a social host liability statute. A person who hosts a private social gathering or knowingly furnishes alcohol to minors may be legally responsible if an intoxicated party guest gets into an accident.
  • Passengers of a drunk driver can also sue under dram shop and social host laws if they were subsequently injured. (However, drunk drivers cannot file dram shop lawsuits for their own injuries. The Michigan Legislature changed that statute.)

Victim Of A Drunk Driver?

If you or someone you care about has been injured as a result of an alcohol-related accident, contact Dennis Hurst & Associates for a free consultation. Our Jackson drunk driving accident attorneys will evaluate your claim and vigorously pursue your maximum damages.

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