Child Custody Lawyers

Care and custody of children stirs strong emotions and defies easy solutions. You both want what is best for your kids, but you may disagree widely on the details of co-parenting. Whether you are on amicable or adversarial terms, you need to know that your lawyer can solve the impasse or protect your parental rights.

Dennis Hurst & Associates provides the experienced and aggressive representation you need. Our Jackson child custody attorneys practice in the family courts of mid-Michigan. Our knowledge of family law and the tendencies of local judges helps us advocate effectively in these tense and complex matters.

Experienced Counsel For Custody And Parenting Time

We represent divorcing parents and never-married parents in the initial determination of child custody, as well as post-decree proceedings to revisit custody orders. Dennis Hurst and Michael Rosenthal bring 50 years of combined experience with family law issues involving children:

  • Custody determination — primary residence, decision-making authority
  • Parenting time — amount of "visitation" with the child
  • Parenting plans — weekly schedules, holidays, vacations, extracurriculars
  • Paternity actions for parental rights or financial support
  • Change of domicile — petitions for parent relocation
  • Sole custody — allegations of child abuse or endangerment
  • Custody and child support modifications

Ideally, these disputes are worked out between parents and approved by a judge. We provide perspective and suggestions to guide clients toward practical resolutions, but sometimes these conflicts must be settled by a court. You will be represented by accomplished trial lawyers who understand that your child's well-being and your relationship with your child are at stake.

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