Drunk Driving Defense Attorneys

An arrest on suspicion of drunk driving has a ripple effect in your life — jail, driving privileges, a criminal record, whispered rumors. Even years later, the echoes of an OWI conviction can interfere with employment or trigger criminal penalties.

If you or a family member is charged with OWI (DUI), call the Jackson drunk driving defense lawyers of Dennis Hurst & Associates immediately. We will step in to protect your rights and limit the consequences. Our law firm handles cases in Jackson County and throughout mid-Michigan.

Experienced Representation For OWI Charges

Whether this is your first drunk driving arrest or a repeat offense, our experienced criminal defense attorneys can make a difference in the outcome. If we cannot avoid an OWI conviction, we will work to limit the criminal penalties and collateral consequences.

Dennis Hurst has handled every scenario:

  • Operating while intoxicated (OWI) — blood alcohol of .08
  • "Super Drunk" — blood alcohol of .17
  • Operating while visibly impaired (OWVI)
  • Zero tolerance for under-21 drivers (.02 blood alcohol)
  • Operating with presence of a drug (OWPD)
  • Second offense within seven years
  • Felony OWI — third offense
  • Aggravated OWI — suspended license or child in the car
  • Breath test refusal (implied consent violation)
  • Drunk driving accidents

A first offense may be punished by fines, community service and restricted driving. Subsequent offenses carry mandatory jail or prison time, license revocation, an ignition interlock device and other harsh consequences.

Challenging Your Drunk Driving Arrest

The Breathalyzer reading is not a conviction. Dennis Hurst has practiced criminal law for 33 years, including experience as a former prosecutor. He will examine every facet of the case against you for opportunities to fight the charges. Did police have a valid reason to stop your car? Did they conduct a search without your permission? Were the field sobriety tests or a portable breath test conducted properly? What does the squad car video show?

We aim to get the case dismissed or reduced. If this is not possible, we are prepared to defend you at trial or negotiate for a lesser sentence or alternative punishment. We also represent clients in the driver's license restoration process.

We understand the immediate and future impact of a drunk driving arrest. For vigorous OWI/DUI defense, call 517-783-3300 or contact us online. With offices in Jackson and Clark Lake, we serve clients in Battle Creek, Lansing and surrounding counties.