Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers

Domestic violence tends to escalate, putting victims and their children at increased risk. For this reason, the police and the courts of Michigan take domestic disputes very seriously and err on the side of safety.

This public policy results in arrests and court orders before all the facts are known, which in turn has serious implications for family court proceedings and civil freedoms.

At Dennis Hurst & Associates, we have extensive experience with the legal aspects of domestic violence. Our attorneys practice in both criminal defense and family law. We represent those accused of domestic abuse as well as those seeking protection from an abusive spouse or partner.

Domestic Abuse Charges And Protection Orders

We provide a strong and aggressive defense to anyone accused of spousal abuse or other domestic violence. In most cases, the police have already made an arrest and a judge has issued a temporary no-contact order. Now you are kicked out of your home, cut off from your children and unable to attempt reconciliation, all under penalty of law. In addition, you may be facing criminal charges such as assault and battery and the prospect of a permanent protection order.

  • We will represent you in the criminal proceedings if the county prosecutor presses charges of assault or stalking.
  • We will represent you in a hearing to get the personal protection order (PPO) dismissed or at least modified.
  • We can represent you in your divorce or custody dispute.
  • We can represent you if you are charged with violating a PPO, which may trigger a 90-day jail term without bond.

Do You Need Protection?
Our lawyers have helped victims of domestic violence obtain personal protection orders. We also have represented abused spouses who are seeking a divorce or seeking custody of their children. From 33 years of experience, we are attuned to the legal issues and the sensitive family dynamics in these cases. We will accompany you to court to obtain or continue a PPO.

Confidential Consultations And Strong Courtroom Advocacy

Call our Jackson domestic violence defense attorneys at 517-783-3300 or contact us online. With offices in Jackson and Clark Lake, we serve clients from Lansing and Battle Creek to Adrian and Ann Arbor.